Fire Department and Training Related Video's

Fire Rescue 1 has all types of Fire Department Video's you might be interested in watching. Not only will you see some amazing situations that your brother and sister fire fighters are involved with, but you might even find some of them entertaining.

Topics range from Fire Attack, Fire Prevention, Fire Apparatus, Fire Safety. Fire Education and Training, and Fire Fighter Near Misses to name a few. Check out some of the video's and let your fellow Explorer's know which ones you liked best!

Fire Videos - FlashoverTV                                                                     

Knots are crucial to any firefighter for lashing gear or carrying with you. This is an awesome website showing you how to tie knots!  Bet you can't do most of them because you probably never heard of them! Some of the directions are even animated so please check them out. Please remember that any time you invest in learning these knots will benefit you, your family, and your fellow fire fighters!


This is an awesome video in honor of 911 and NYFD Firefighters! Don't miss the end...wonderful surprises all the way through. HERO is an amazing accomplishment, a performance you watch with your heart. This work has helped raise interest and awareness for many charities and worthy causes. This performance was produced by Wolfgang Films.