As Fire Explorers, you represent the future of the Fire Service. As such, you must meet certain expectations, some of which include maintaining a professional image, being responsible for your gear, and respecting your line of command at all times.

Fire Explorers:
  • Should inspect their gear before and after every use to ensure gear is in proper functioning order. You are expected to notify one of your Advisors if you think you have a problem with your gear once you identify the potential issue.
  • Should never wear their Fire Explorer's Tee Shirt while not in attendance of a Fire Explorer Training or sanctioned function. While you may think it alright to do so, that Tee Shirt with the logo is representing the post without any supervision from your Advisors.
  • Should never instruct or provide advice to any fellow Explorers without first checking with your line of command. Explorers do not have the same experience as do the Advisors and your Advisors are responsible for your safety and well being. While the Explorers in your post can be your friends and future fellow Fire Fighters, they are not responsible for you while part of the Explorer Program. . 
  • Should report any unprofessional or unacceptable behavior to your Advisors. Your Advisors are responsible to resolve these situations.
  • Should let their Advisors know if they are not feeling well or have been injured either prior to coming to a training or while at a training. Your safety and well being is the highest priority for your Advisors.

Mike Burchman,
Jan 19, 2013, 12:04 PM