The Metrowest Fire Explorers is a joint group consisting of the Ashland and Sherborn Fire Explorers, operating out of both the Ashland and Sharborn Fire Stations.  

It take a lot of money to run a non profit organization for the benefit of kids, particularly with firefighting gear, boots, gloves, rope, shields, etc.. While we do our best with fundraising activities, it is always tight and it seems like we never have enough, to pay for everything particularly when we attend a fire school for about 5 days over the summer.

We would welcome any donations, whether monetary or in the form of firefighter gear. Since we are a non profit, we could provide you with a letter thanking you for your contribution, whatever or how much it might be. All donations should be sent to:

Metrowest Fire Explorers, Attn: Bob Gemma, Advisor
Ashland Fire Department
70 Cedar St 
Ashland, MA 01721
Checks should be made payable to the Ashland Explorers. Gear, whether new or used but still meeting NFPA Standards without holes, will be stripped of any department identification and in turn would receive release of liability letter.

Please check our On Call Web Page for current fund raising activities. For more information, please email us at